Stand up paddlers dopo gara a Mondello

Water Experience first of all is a project, a project that was born in Mazara del Vallo in 2017 during a winter afternoon with zero wind, armed windsurfers and a great desire to enter the water. That afternoon we were on the Lungomare di Tonnarella and we had the idea of sharing our desire to play sports in contact with the sea and with nature, so Water Experience was born.
In 2018 we started the first sup race in Mazara del Vallo and from that moment it has been a succession of events.
In 2019 the project expands and we reach the coasts of Palermo with numerous excursions and with the desire to play sports that has always distinguished us.

We got overwhelmed by the Stand Up Paddle hurricane, and we started our journey in the race world that brought us surprising results that we did not expect, however our offer does not only include sup, in Palermo we also deal with Wing Foil and Beach Tennis, in Mazara del Vallo, on the other hand, we also deal with windsurfing and sailing, moreover, given our passion for nature in general and previous experience as nature guides of some founders, we give space, especially in the winter period, to excursions in the mountains among the most beautiful areas of Palermo, and beyond.


Mazara del Vallo

Il Circoletto, Mazara del Vallo. Stabilimento che ospita la sede sud di Water Experience


L'Ombelico del Mondo di Mondello, acqua cristallina, buon bere e buona compagnia. Il posto perfetto per una sede Water Experience a Palermo

You can find us in the province of Trapani and in the province of Palermo, in both cases we rely on bathing establishments that offer many comforts. In Palermo we are based at L'Ombelico del Mondo , in Mondello , and, in Mazara del Vallo at Il Circoletto , in Tonnarella .
In both spots we are located within two fantastic gulfs and within walking distance of equally beautiful locations.

From Mondello in very few paddles we find ourselves inside the Capo Gallo Protected Marine Reserve - Isola delle Femmine , inside which it is easy to be fascinated by Monte Gallo which rises above the sea offering breathtaking scenery. From Tonnarella it is very easy to reach the Capo Feto Reserve and let yourself be conquered by the uncontaminated nature and the many species of avifauna that nest inside it.

Our main activities







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Beach Tennis


Wing Foil

In the center of Palermo we deal with SUP (Stand Up Paddling), among the many initiatives you can take part in sup excursions, lessons, training for adults and children, sup competitions, sup aperitifs and much more, we also carry out courses and lessons of Wing Foil and we have a Beach Tennis court . In Mazara del Vallo we also dedicate ourselves to windsurfing and sailing . Don't you think it's time to meet us? Come and visit us .


Fantastic conditions for sports all year round

Componenti della squadra in allenamento
Tramonto in sup alla Grotta dell'Olio
Marcello Bascone, istruttore di Windsurf
Francesco Gallo in verticale sul sup
Guide naturalistiche e trekking
Vincenzo Michelucci surfa un ondina
Sup Party
Vincenzo Michelucci e Francesco Gallo durante la gara di sup a Mondello
Francesco Gallo selfie
Francesco Gallo salta sul lago di piana
Ciccio Gallo Selfie
Silvia durante un escursione ad Aspra, Palermo
Vincenzo e Claudia

Sicily is the ideal place for stand up paddling , for wing foiling, windsurfing , sailing and spending unforgettable days between sports, nature, good food and history.
Thanks to the current weather conditions it is possible to paddle 365 days a year (9 months a year it is possible to do it without a wetsuit), the thermal winds that blow inside the gulfs that host us are ideal for practicing sailing sports.
Whether you want to train, relax or both, Sicily is the place for you.
Together with us you can take part in Sup Camp for both experts and non-experts and enjoy a different and healthy holiday; you can learn to paddle in sup or to windsurf , or to sail , or even more   glide with a Wing Foil . you can rent equipment to have fun in complete autonomy, traveling lightly and without worries , take part in our workouts   for adults or children or have fun on the beach playing Beach tennis .

Water Experience is an Amateur Sports Association, we carry out hiking activities, equipment rental, lessons, trainings, and so on, but first of all we are a big family, we share passions and we constantly strive to spread them.
A desire for adventure, love for nature and a constant search for adrenaline are some of the things that unite those who are part of the Water Experience.
If you believe that all this reflects you, what are you waiting for?

We do not offer activities, but experiences.